26 October 2012

Results for 25 October Quiz Not Ranked

With a heavy heart, I have decided to void results for 25 October. They will not be included in rankings, nor used to determine participation in the quarterly playoff.

I did this because several players reported that they were unable to play the quiz, and we know that the site was unavailable for at least four hours - and maybe more, since we are unable to pinpoint the exact time the site became unavailable.

That was a very frustrating experience, waiting and waiting for Amazon Web Services support to take action. Finally they did (thanks to John Scott's prodding) but by then the damage was done.


  1. Sigh, it was the first time i placed among the first 10!

  2. Sigh...very sorry to hear this...perhaps I will sort out a way to show daily rankings, but exclude them from any "rollups". That way you can still show all your friends and family.

  3. What a pity ...
    The "misfortune" of this older DBMS_DESCRIBE ...

    As far as I remember, this was the only quiz with this topic
    in the last two years.

    I repeatedly tried for several hours until finally being able
    to play ... life is not easy these days for anyone ...

    Best Regards,