05 December 2013

Daily Quizzes Will Continue in 2014

I am very pleased to announce that I have decided to continue the daily PL/SQL quiz in 2014.

There are two reasons for this change from my earlier plan to terminate the daily quiz.

First, I realized that I hadn't made it as easy as I should have to write and submit quizzes. I never really gave you, my dear players, much advice about how best to write a quiz, and the Submit Quiz wizard requires too much effort on your part.

Second, even with the suboptimal wizard available today, many more players have started writing quizzes, and pledge to do so in 2014.

So it would be mean-spirited to say the least to stop the daily quizzes at this point.

Bottom Line: daily quizzes will continue at least through the end of Q1 2014. 

And very soon we will announce significant improvements to our quiz submission features, including templates, the QuickQuiz smart script, and more.

Many thanks for your interest, enthusiasm and devotion to your craft!

Steven Feuerstein


  1. Hi Steven,

    wow, an early Christmas present. That's very good news indeed :-)

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Steven,

    Very good news indeed. I will try to create a quiz myself soon. I was thinking to do something on best-practices, but it is hard to create good answers for that. As scripts with bad practices don't (always) return an error when being executed.


  3. Hello Steven,

    Wow, you sound as if the "Forgiveness asking day" has arrived :)

    Thanks a lot indeed for this so nice and happy decision :):)

    I want to believe that taking the opposite one would not have been easier for you
    than for us, the players, and hopefully also more and more authors :)

    Easing on the process of creating quizzes is always welcome, though,
    I only wish to myself to have enough nice quiz ideas "flowing into my brain",
    then, the wizard will not be a problem :)

    Enjoy fully your upcoming trip to Europe and fill up the batteries :):)

    Have a great weekend & Best Regards,

  4. Thanks. Great news.


  5. I still wonder if weekly PL/SQL quizzes might actually bring *more* players. A few people I've talked to that have dabbled in this think daily is too often, and would play if only weekly.
    No doubt you've already considered this (I think it's featured in past discussions), but I thought I'd bring it up again.

  6. HI Sir,

    Thanks for helping and give pleasure to hear good news please don't think don't stop of daily quiz.

    If you stop we will lost good morning skill PL/SQL Quizzes .