26 February 2015

Three Out of Four Isn't Too Bad

We held two annual championships last week (SQL and Database Design).

We held a third this week on Logic.

They all went pretty smoothly.

In 2.5 hours it is time for the grand finale: the PL/SQL Championship.

And the PL/SQL Challenge website just went down. Possibly another DDOS attack.

I suppose I should feel proud that our website is so high profile, so mission critical, that someone thinks it is worth their time to attack it.

Except I know the site is not all that high profile and is definitely not mission critical.

So I am just really irritated.

Well, worst comes to worst, we will just reschedule.

That's better than having the championship start and then the site goes down.

Because in that case, I have to produce new quizzes. That would be a serious hassle.

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