26 February 2015

PL/SQL Championship for 26 February Postponed

We will NOT hold the championship today.

Even if the website becomes available within next two hours, I do not want to take a chance at starting the competition and then having problems before it is done.

We will reschedule for a day and time in March.

Participants will receive an email for a new date and time soon.

But based on requests from the last one, I will put this out idea out now:

What do you think of holding the championship on Saturday?

More specifically, please post a comment here if you are participating in the 2014 PL/SQL championship and you cannot or do not want to compete on Saturday


  1. If you mean this Saturday, 28th of February, then I am one who can not participate.

  2. Hi Steven,

    I can participate in 2014 PL/SQL championship on Saturday.

    Best regards, Krzysztof Helbin

  3. Hi.

    I do not want play PL/SQL championship on Saturday or Sunday.
    May be reschedule championship on the next week(Monday, Thuesday, etc)?

    Kuvardin Evgeniy

  4. Hello Steven,

    I should witness that the last thing that came to my mind less than one hour before the Playoff
    was to check Twitter and this blog ....

    But now I am glad that I did it, and thus found out about the problem.

    The previous 3 Playoffs went very smoothly indeed in what concerns the web site,
    too fine to hold for the 4th as well ... but I can only hope that the worst will finally turn into
    the best, for ALL of us :) :) :)

    No problem for me to compete on Saturday ... in fact I competed in a "similar scenario"
    in the previous 3 Playoffs as well ...

    Thanks a lot for the notification and Hope for the best :)

  5. Hello Steven,

    For me Saturday is no good day for the championship because this day is for my familiy and because of this it is unpredictable in advance if and when I have time to participate.


  6. It would depend upon the day and the time. Saturday's schedule is often ruled by my kids sports schedule. 14:00 UTC is not always available.

  7. Hi,

    I am not sure if my comment from yesterday got through. It is sad that we didn't have an opportunity to do the challenge yesterday, but in the IT world this is something that unfortunately happens (usually at the worst time). About which day to use, I am against moving it to the weekend. At work I have a quieter environment, can lock myself in my office and do the quizzes. On weekends I am at home and the kids are running around and interrupting me all the time. I would not be able to get a 35 minute quiet time on a Saturday. Having said that, if the majority decides that the weekend is better, I will of course accept that.

    Ingimundur K. Gudmundsson

  8. Hi Steven,

    Saturdays wouldn't be great for me but maybe not impossible.


  9. Hello All,

    It is just amazing how different one place is from the other :)

    @Ingimundur, if there are open positions at your work, I am ready to join :):)


    Well, just kidding ...
    I can also "lock myself" in my office ... but, unfortunately, that CAN'T avoid the noise
    made ALL THE TIME by tens of people around ...
    Only when I am at home I realize the so high price that my nerves have paid along so many years
    because of this issue ...

    In the first Playoffs, which offered several playing times, I was always glad to compete at work,
    as late in the evening as possible, when, hopefully, everyone else already went home ...
    and this is how I have usually played for years, day after day :):)

    But the last few Playoffs, played at 16:00 (my local time) were a torment ...

    Now, in the last 3 Playoffs I took both the chance and the risk of playing at home,
    and it was much, much better from the point of view of the silence ...
    Well ... no kids around ... so I understand what most of the players above are talking about ...
    though ... at my office no one is a kid ...

    So, most chances that I will choose again to play at home, even if it will be on a work day.

    Best Regards,