16 March 2015

Results of 2014 PL/SQL Championship

You will find below the rankings for the 2014 PL/SQL Championship; the number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a championship (you will see "1" for all players, since this was the first annual PL/SQL championship).

Congratulations first and foremost to our top-ranked players:

1st Place: mentzel.iudith of Israel

2nd Place: Andrey Zaytsev of Russia

3rd Place: _tiki_4_ of Germany

Next, congratulations to everyone who played in the championship. I hope you found it entertaining, challenging and educational. And for those who were not able to participate in the championship, you can take the quizzes next week through the Practice feature. We will also make the championship as a whole available as a Test, so you can take it just like these players did.

Finally, a big thanks to our reviewers, especially Elic, who not only reviewed three quizzes but also wrote two - a tremendous help for a busy Oracle Developer Advocate for PL/SQL (that is, me).

Steven Feuerstein

Rank Name Country Total Time % Correct Total Score
1mentzel.iudith (1)Israel32 mins 37 secs88%7520
2Andrey Zaytsev (1)Russia34 mins 50 secs84%7211
3_tiki_4_ (1)Germany22 mins 00 secs83%7112
4Karel Prech (1)Czech Republic33 mins 25 secs83%7066
5Ravshan Abbasov (1)Uzbekistan29 mins 50 secs81%6931
6VictorD (1)Russia30 mins 20 secs81%6929
7Jeroen Rutte (1)Netherlands34 mins 52 secs81%6911
8João Barreto (1)Portugal24 mins 07 secs79%6804
9Pavel Noga (1)Czech Republic33 mins 56 secs78%6614
10Michal Cvan (1)Slovakia34 mins 23 secs78%6612
11dmitrysk (1)Russia31 mins 41 secs76%6473
12Kuvardin Evgeniy (1)Russia34 mins 22 secs76%6463
13Chad Lee (1)United States25 mins 14 secs74%6349
14Viacheslav Stepanov (1)Russia33 mins 58 secs74%6314
15Siim Kask (1)Estonia33 mins 59 secs74%6314
16Ivan Blanarik (1)Slovakia31 mins 13 secs72%6175
17Marcus Matzberger (1)Germany27 mins 44 secs71%6039
18Rytis Budreika (1)Lithuania16 mins 42 secs69%5933
19gobruins (1)United States23 mins 35 secs69%5906
20Christoph Hillinger (1)Austria28 mins 51 secs69%5885
21Niels Hecker (1)Germany30 mins 28 secs69%5878
22Patrick Barel (1)Netherlands20 mins 23 secs67%5768
23swart260 (1)Netherlands32 mins 36 secs67%5720
24Jan Šerák (1)Czech Republic33 mins 08 secs67%5717
25Chase Mei (1)Canada34 mins 26 secs67%5712
26Joaquin Gonzalez (1)Spain17 mins 40 secs66%5629
27Ingimundur Gudmundsson (1)Norway33 mins 18 secs66%5567
28Martin_Scholz_Berlin_München (1)Germany34 mins 31 secs64%5412
29Krzysztof Helbin (1)Poland14 mins 10 secs62%5343
30Rakesh Dadhich (1)India18 mins 53 secs62%5324
31Leszek Grudzień (1)Poland24 mins 59 secs62%5300
32tonyC (1)United Kingdom32 mins 23 secs62%5270
33Henry Abeska (1)Czech Republic22 mins 26 secs55%4710
34Alex Stirbu (1)Romania23 mins 47 secs55%4705
35Sean Molloy (1)United States31 mins 56 secs55%4672
36Manfred Kleander (1)Austria34 mins 28 secs55%4662
37Pavel Vorontsov (1)Russia11 mins 29 secs53%4604
38Stelios Vlasopoulos (1)Belgium24 mins 22 secs50%4253
39Jerry Bull (1)United States02 mins 45 secs10%889

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