11 July 2010

Announcement of participants in the Q2 2010 Championship Playoff

We have successfully implemented the 1.4 release of PL/SQL Challenge. This means that we can now move forward with the historic, first championship playoff of the PL/SQL Challenge.

The playoff will be held on Thursday, 15 July 2010, at 15:00 UTC (10 AM in Chicago; 20:30 or 8:30 PM in New Delhi). We realize that this time may cause difficulties for some players. We apologize in advance for that, but everyone must take the playoff at the same time.

The following 48 players (listed in alphabetical order by last name or display name) are eligible to participate in the playoff. Congratulations to each of you.

You will find to the right of their names the basis on which they were selected for the playoff. Check the Rules page for more details on these three categories (Ranking, Correctness, Wildcard) and how the players were selected.

Each of these players will receive an email with more details on the playoff process. We will assume that if we do not hear back from you that you can participate. If you cannot participate at this time (and by that I mean that you really cannot physically be at a computer, not that it would be inconvenient for you), reply immediately. If more than 20% of the players (10 or more) cannot participate, we will change the time, but I very much hope that will not be necessary.

And now....the playoff participants:

Noor Ahmed (Wildcard)
Timur Akhmadeev (Ranking)
Guewen Baconnier (Ranking)
Janis Baiza (Correctness)
Rokas Baltuskonis (Correctness)
Fabio Cotta (Wildcard)
Michal Cvan (Ranking)
Rich Dellheim (Wildcard)
Jeyhun Gasimov (Wildcard)
Radoslav Golian (Correctness)
Muhammad Abdul Halim (Ranking)
John Hall (Ranking)
Niels Hecker (Correctness)
heho (Correctness)
Ken  Holmslykke (Ranking)
Jeff Kemp (Ranking)
Gerben Kroese (Ranking)
Eurico Matos (Ranking)
Marcus Matzberger (Correctness)
Oren Nakdimon (Correctness)
Cem Ozer (Wildcard)
Mike Pargeter (Ranking)
Sailaja Pasupuleti (Ranking)
Jens Petersen (Ranking)
Alexander Polivany (Correctness)
Michal Pravda (Ranking)
Marcio Reis (Wildcard)
Christian Rokitta (Correctness)
Fabio Sangalli (Ranking)
Javid Sch (Correctness)
Anton Scheffer (Ranking)
Filipe Silva (Ranking)
Muhammad Sohail (Wildcard)
Nick Strange (Correctness)
Adriano Teixeira (Correctness)
Roger Troller (Ranking)
Nopparat Vanichrudee (Ranking)
Henrikas Zukovskis (Ranking)
rahim ahmedov (Wildcard)
yves colin (Ranking)
sibanjan das (Wildcard)
shwetamber kaushik (Ranking)
kristine seco (Wildcard)
Toine van Beckhoven (Ranking)
Edwin van Meerendonk (Ranking)
Rob van Wijk (Ranking)
peter van der neut (Ranking)
Latha  (Correctness)


  1. Thanks
    I am very glad to know that. please pray for me.

    Muhammad Abdul Halim

  2. Is it possible to open this contest for everyone instead of for only shortlisted players?

    After all the purpose of this project is to gain knowledge through participation in quizzes.

    It is highly disappointing for me that I cannot participate when I was waiting for this event since it's declaration. As I am not shortlisted I will not mind if I am not considered for the prize even if I win but it would have been a good experience and pleasure for me to just participate and see where I stand among the players.

  3. Yes, I agree with Ramesh. Atleast after the Championship Playoff, there can be a time frame open for other players as well. So that everyone can experience the Most Awaited Playoff.


  4. That is a very fine idea. All it takes is work on the website, and bandwidth for such work is, at this time, fairly narrow. So I will add this to our ER list and hopefully soon you will have the opportunity.