14 July 2010

The results for 14 July quiz will be removed(501)

After some careful thought, we have decided that at the end of the day (UTC time), all answers submitted today will be archived. Then the entire quiz for today and its results will be removed. I really didn't want to do this; I know that many of you will be disappointed to not be able to see how you did. But to be quite honest, we don't have the logic in place to simply ignore a day and be sure that there will be no adverse impact on rankings. And we cannot build that in time to install safely in our production environment. So go ahead and play the quiz, but be aware that you will not be able to see how you did.

1 comment:

  1. Cliff requested the following: With the image problem the site encountered today, would it be possible to post the question and answers in the plsqlchallenge blog (as long as you are not planning to reuse that question in the future). That way people could learn from the answers you post (which is probably the biggest reason I try to take the quiz each day).

    That is a very reasonable request. I will do this, after close of day.