14 July 2010

PL/SQL Challenge "Take the Quiz" is down: 14 July(501)

Our "Take the Quiz" page is not working. An Oracle is being raised and unfortunately it doesn't look like I can get it fixed until my UK-based developers return from dreamland and check their email. The PL/SQL Challenge policy is to void the quiz if it is unavailable for at least 4 hours. That is likely to be the case. My apologies to all players for this bug and the unavailability of the quiz. It is a big disappointment to me, but I suppose we shall all survive, somehow. After all, there was no daily PL/SQL quiz for many years and we all managed. :-)


  1. This sounds like a non playing day, given the downtime. Indeed too bad... Nice error though: ORA-14551: Cannot perform a DML operation inside a query. You can make that one into one of the questions ;-) An update to a table in a function that is in a query, I guess?

  2. To confirm what many of you may have suspected: The results from the quiz for 14 July will not be counted towards your score or ranking, though you are welcome to play the quiz. It was unavailable for over four hours, and according to our rules it must then be voided, since it is possible that a group of players would not have an opportunity to play the quiz. My apologies. I may, indeed, write about what happened, but it could be that it is simply too embarrassing. :-)

  3. Hello All,
    It looks like besides the quiz of 14/07 not being available for some time, there was also another problem.
    I did answer the quiz and even answered it correctly, however, when looking today at the answers, the system warned me that I seemed not to have taken it ...
    Now, after reading this thread, I think that this is maybe a side effect of having removed that day's quiz at all ...
    But in such case I think that the warning should have saud just that:
    "Quiz for 14/07 was removed due to ...".

    Just a suggestion maybe ...

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Iudith Mentzel

  4. That's a good idea, Iudith. This was the first time we have had to void a quiz and it turns out that we did not have good procedures in place to handle this. We are working on putting those in.