04 July 2012

Quiz for 4 July Will Not Be Ranked

The PL/SQL Challenge website has been down for most of the day, as we recover the database from 02:00 UTC 4 July. Our apologies for the inconvenience and lost opportunity to compete.

The results for 4 July will not be used in rankings and determining qualification in the Q3 championship playoff.

So if you are an American, it's just our way of saying: "Don't work (or 'play' with your technology)! Get away from your computer and celebrate the founding of your nation!"



  1. It is now 23:25 4 July - and the restore of the database continues. It is very likely in fact that the downtime will extend into 5 July. But I do NOT expect it to last long enough to void results for 5 July.

  2. Hello Steven,

    I just heard on the Radio that yesterday was the hottest
    4-th of July in Chicago in the last 100 years :) :)

    And then, this web site issue ...

    Good to know that you have survived :) :)

    Best Regards,

  3. I was not able to pass July 4 quiz, but as for now my rank has fallen down from 78 (yesterday) to 188 (today), why?

  4. You may see rankings for 4 July initially, but after the materialized views refresh, that data will disappear.