05 July 2012

Site Still Down 4:45 UTC 5 July

Unfortunately, the PL/SQL Challenge website is still down, and will likely not be up for several hours more.

So it looks like we will be not doing a quiz today (5 July) either.

We are as disappointed with this state of affairs as the many players who have contacted me directly, wondering when they will be able to play their quiz.

Such dedication! I hate to disappoint you, but, well, look at it this way: we are giving you a little vacation from the quiz. It's July, so for most of you the sun is shining, the air is warm. In other words, it's time to go outside and play.

Don't worry, we'll be back up soon and then you can come back inside and take the quiz.

Thanks for your patience,
Steven Feuerstein


  1. Hello Steven, All,

    Yes, going to play in the sun is an idea for those who can afford it ... unfortunately, there is also other work to do, here IT people practically can never see the sun, except of course for the high positioned ones ...

    Vacations are good if they are planned ahead of time, yesterday it was my "small bonus" that I could afford not to worry about the day, because it was my own quiz played ... but today is a different story, though, at this moment, by the"standard" of 4 hours downtime, we are much above it, so, another vacation day ...

    About dedication ... maybe it is hard to believe, but since I am playing the Challenge,
    the entire day is focused so that the playing time could be religiously respected, a biorhythm
    graph would probably be able to show it ...

    But, yes, I really dream of sitting in the sun
    and reading books, Oracle books included, of course, because there is so much to learn that we never have time for ...
    And ... playing it on a laptop ?!?
    Still a dream for another era ...

    Thanks a lot & Hope for better days,

  2. The website is back up, after more than 6 hours of downtime on 5 July. So I am very, very happy to have the PL/SQL Challenge "back" - but results for today will also have to be ignored.