05 September 2010

PL/SQL Challenge Competition at Oracle Open World

[NOTE: I have updated this posting on 10 September to reflect changes in our plans for the PL/SQL Challenge competition at OOW. We will no longer use a special domain name - you will play at plsqlchallenge.com as usual. A brand-new posting on this blog will provide all current details.]

In the most recent newsletter, I included the following information about the upcoming PL/SQL Challenge competition at Oracle Open World:

As part of its sponsorship of the PL/SQL Challenge, OTN is also sponsoringa live PL/SQL Challenge competition during Oracle Open World. Instead of visiting the usual domain, you will take the quiz via oow.plsqlchallenge.com. When you submit your answer, you indicate if you are physically present at OOW. Then on Wednesday at 4:30 PM San Francisco time, we will gather at the OTN Lounge to give out lots and lots of prizes, some available to anyone who played anywhere in the world, some just for those who are physically present.

One player wrote to say: "One could read the text as if oow.plsqlchallenge.com is used instead of the
normal domain, although I don't think that is what you mean to say?"
In fact, that is precisely what I mean and here's a more complete explanation (we will also have lots more information available on the website as the date approaches):
From September 19 to September 22 (start and end times all in UTC), if you play the daily quiz, you will be eligible to win not only the usual PL/SQL Challenge prizes, but additional prizes that will be awarded after the quiz finishes on Wednesday, September 22nd.

In addition, if you are physically present at OOW, you may win special prizes reserved for those in attendance. When you submit your answers, you will be given the opportunity to check a box indicating that you are attending OOW and can pick up a prize in person.

I hope that clarifies matters.

Regards, Steven

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