11 September 2010

PL/SQL Challenge upgraded to 1.6

The PL/SQL Challenge has now been upgraded to 1.6. Key new features and enhancements include:
  • Edit Profile page has been reorganized to give you access to more information and manage your account more easily. You can see any missed quizzes forgiven, as well as other adjustments. You can also view the results of all quizzes taken and request forgiveness for a "double viewing" of the quiz.
  • Winners page now showcases the playoff winners and the rankings of everyone who played in the playoff.
  • The Take the Quiz page now allows you to review Assumptions without leaving the page; it also shows the author of the quiz and the Oracle version applicable to the quiz.
  • The site now offers more flexibility to offer special competitions and "breaking news" about such events on the website.
  • Daily Rankings now available on the Rankings page! This has been requested for quite awhile. Players have also asked for much flexibility in analyzing ranking data. Be patient! 1.7 will offer big progress in this area.
Quick glimpse ahead to 1.7 (and beyond?):
  • New ranking interface based on APEX4 interactive reports: you will be able to build your own reports, slice and dice ranking information however you want!
  • Allow players to see all past quizzes and "export" questions and answers for your own future reference.
  • Allow players to choose their own prizes when they win awards.
But mainly I will work hard at writing really interesting, unambiguous and mistake-free quizzes!

Steven Feuerstein
Founder, PL/SQL Challenge

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