09 September 2010

Typo in 8 September Quiz leads to rescoring (1374)

I kind of like mistakes in my quizzes that reveal subtelties in the PL/SQL language about which I was not aware. I really don't like mistakes in my quizzes that typos, which somehow escaped our code and text review process. Unforunately, the quiz on 8 September contained just such a typo. The question asked: Which of the following blocks work with Booleans and display "Truly false" (without the double quotes) after execution? And all the answers references the string "Truly False" (an upper case F). Which meant that all the choices were incorrect. Except that it was a typo and not my intention - and I believe most of you didn't notice and answered the quiz as though the strings matched. I am very sorry about this. Here's what we are going to do: I will fix the typo. Aanyone who submitted "incorrect" for all five choices will be credited with 100% correct answers - and I will change your answers so that it was as if you did choose the (now) correct choices. I will then recompute scores and re-rank. Congratulations to Marco Grimm for being the first to report this mistake. You win the O'Reilly Media ebook of your choice.

1 comment:

  1. I knew the answer, but when I notice the lowercase 'f'. I wasn't sure what the intention on a beginner question. I'm glad you clear it up, incorrect for all five was the correct answer based on the question. Still a good exercise for paying attention for even beginner questions.

    Thanks for recomputing scores to be fair to people who answer all incorrect.